Citing Chronux

Chronux Analysis Software

Chronux is an open-source software package for the analysis of neural data. It was originally developed through a collaborative research effort based at the Mitra Lab in Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. Chronux routines may be employed in the analysis of both point process and continuous data, ranging from preprocessing, exploratory and confirmatory analysis.

The current release of Chronux is implemented as a Matlab library. The release notes can be found here. There is a test data suit for this release, which can be downloaded by clicking here.

Chronux Tutorials

These tutorials can help you to get started using Chronux.

These tutorials are part of the chronux distribution, and were created for the 2006 SfN Dynamical Neuroscience workshop. The Matlab scripts are meant to be run while viewing the presentations. You must first install Chronux to use most of the tutorials.


Chronux Documentation

The Chronux Manual describes how to use Chronux.

M2HTML generated documentation can be found here.

Chronux News