Chronux News

Flash: Version 2.11 to be released by Oct 1 2012. This will have fixes to several reported bugs.

 Chronux version 2.10 was released August 12, 2011

Significant changes are:

-- Various bugs have been fixed in this release. The following routines have been modified since the version 2.00 release: 
findpeaks, coherr, mtspecgramc, coherencyc, two_group_test_spectrum, two_group_test_coherence, mtspectrumc_unequal_length_trials, CrossSpecMatc, CrossSpecMatpt, CrossSpecMatpb, mtspecgrampt, mtspecgrampb, nonst_stat, and quadcof. 
-- The spike-sorting subpackage is no longer included in the Chronux package. An updated spike-sorting package may now be found at Dr. Kleinfeld's Lab website:
Chronux version 2.0 released August 16, 2008

Significant changes are:

Added Ftrack fly tracking subpackage

Updated locfit version with self-describing output format

Spectral analysis routines added for unequal length trials

Assorted bugfixes

Manual added

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Neuroinformatics Course

2012 was the the eleventh year of the Neuroinformatics summer course at the Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole.

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